Some outfit pics from that weird period before fall embarks…

Yes. That is me kissing my plant.. Love, Maureen

Capsule wardrobing: step one.

Capsule wardrobing/ STEP ONE The first thing you need to do, and I’m sure this is not NEWS to you, is: Detox your closet. By that I mean, don’t make radical decisions just yet. But reducing your options just a tad does help. You can do this by eliminating clothes that are worn out, need toContinue reading “Capsule wardrobing: step one.”

How to plan outfits like a boss

“How can you live the high life if you do not wear the high heels?” —Sonia Rykiel This is kind of a big deal, and since it’s only an outfit, and only just an outfit, and something we are all aware of but putt so much emphasis and judgement upon… I’ll be here to helpContinue reading “How to plan outfits like a boss”