Preparing your closet for fall- on a budget.

If you’re anything like me, a change of season gets you super exited beyond compare, to start re -vamping your wardrobe. This might seem hard when you’re budgeting or attempting a no spend year. Ok. It’s hard for me. It’s super hard for me, I love clothes but I decided to challenge myself, and nowContinue reading “Preparing your closet for fall- on a budget.”

My July budget recap

Ooh guys, honestly I’ve been holding of the review. I’m not particularly proud of what I’ve achieved for the month of July. And also, who the hell can concentrate when it’s this hot ??? I kind of slipped up. I bought a few clothing items for winter because I freaked out that on my noContinue reading “My July budget recap”

My no buy year

As from today I am going on a no spend year. Just to be clear to you guys, and to myself. We are the forth of august in our dearly beloved 2020. History I have attempted a no spend year before a few years ago. Then, I’ve massively failed at it, so stakes are high.Continue reading “My no buy year”