My July budget recap

Ooh guys, honestly I’ve been holding of the review. I’m not particularly proud of what I’ve achieved for the month of July. And also, who the hell can concentrate when it’s this hot ??? I kind of slipped up. I bought a few clothing items for winter because I freaked out that on my noContinue reading “My July budget recap”

Tips to keep your food budget in check.

I’ve tried many methods over the years and what I still struggle with the most is keeping my food budget. I’m a single women with no kids, so I’m guessing this must be even so much harder when you have toddlers that have specific tastes or adolecents that only like the branded products. I’ve goneContinue reading “Tips to keep your food budget in check.”

Saving on your food budget

Despite the fact that many of us are going to the supermarket with a grocery list. We mostly still return with more stuff that we had planned on to. This is because food is such an essential expense and basic need in order to survive. It’s impossible to, unlike other categories like clothing or entertainment,Continue reading “Saving on your food budget”