capsule wardrobing step 3

Capsule Wardrobing step 3

After weeding out your closet aka donating what is ill fitting or just doesn’t make you happy and storing items that aren’t for this season. You’ve lived at least two weeks with a capsule that, like mine, probably is far from perfect. If you have had to buy clothes because you didn’t have proper fitting ones or lacked basics to combine thats fine. But, know that it always better to wait a while until you get a better insight of who you are and what your would like to communicate to the world with your clothes.


and your current style of clothes with or without the help of a few handy questionnaires, its time to move on.

Let’s find out what gets the fire burning inside! Let’s seek out exitement and inspiration!

Where to find this…

Blogs ! Bloglovin is  a great tool to keep al your favorite bloggers in one place. It’s also handy to find a range of styleblogs and select upon the style of the bloggers that speak to you, which ones you’d like to follow.

Magazines ! Although I have to say ( sorry print media) I find it much more inspiring to see real people in real life do their thing with fashion instead of watching air brushed models. There is also too much focus on selling what’s hot now and it may or may not have anything to do with your personal style.  You’ll find a broader range of inspiration online. Plus they are expensive.

Instagram: Instagram is a pool of inspiration when it comes to finding personal style ideas.

Tv shows and movies! Find a character which style you like.. For instance Penny, from “the Big Bang Theory”. If you like poppy colors and you like having that “Girl Next Door” look, then that’s probably your thing ! The next step is to find other characters of other shows that have that same vibe, like maybe Rachel from friends. She has the girl next door look too, but in a more grown up way. You might like sexy Cécé from New Girl or Jess, which are clearly two different styles. Cécé has a more Kardashian vibe which you can also look into and Jess is completely retro.  Julianna Margieles from “The Good Wife “makes me think of Robin from How I met Your Mother and so on and on you could link one character to another. Stylists on these shows have put a lot of work and thought into completing the whole character on a fashion level. So you should definitely benefit from their hard work to help you find your style.

Pinterest!  Again, a pool of ideas and information about anything you’d like.

This one is the most fun. Ask your girlfriend for a drink on a sunny day and sit outside on a terras where a lot of people pass by. Look at the different styles the people are flaunting. Don’t forget to take a notebook and a pen with you.

The final step is taking a friend that isn’t into fashion at all into a higher end store and going over different fabrics and colors and shapes of the clothing they sell. This way you can touch the items and feel  the fabrics and the colors you like. It’s better to do this in a high end store, chances are their clothes will be made of higher quality fabrics. No one want’s to touch synthetics the whole time. Don’t buy anything! That’s where the not so into fashion friends comes in handy. A better option is to take your boyfriend or husband, who will probably turn pale once he sees the prices of the items there.

Don’t forget to take notes of anything you like. Try to group them into categories such as:





Try not to worry about make up and accessories. That’s just the icing on the cake we still have to make & this will just flow naturally after you’ve did your research. Not tho say that make up and accessories are for anyone, some people just like to go au naturel, without too much fuss.

Love love,


capsule wardrobing step 2

Capsule wardrobing STEP 2/Two weeks into your first capsule/ questionnaire

So you’re the first two weeks into your capsule… Hurray! Excitement! Joy!

Time for some reflection on how it all went

Here are some questions that can help you in the process…

and if you’re thinking while reading these questions : ” who has time for this???” 😉 I have to agree, probably not that many people …

( should have reposted this during quarantine 😉 )

Nevertheless, enjoy 😉 x


Which outfit made you feel absolutely fabulous and why?

Do you feel joy over your capsule? Why is that, or why not?

Describe your current style but try to go under the surface and work with adjectives that also relate to your personality.

Are you working with color schemes ? Why or why not? What are your most worn colors? is there enough of them in your current wardrobe?

Did you work with outfit formula’s? Which combinations did you wear the most often?

Do you want your outfits to be versatile or are you fine with the same outfit combo’s or colors?

Did people compliment you on your outfit or did they notice something different about it?

Do you like to implement the new trends into your current style?

Did your outfits match your lifestyle and did you feel comfortable in your clothes? What’s the outfit you feel most comfortable in? Is that because of the style of the outfit or the material of the clothes or both?

Do the clothes & outfits you wore fit your body type?

Are you happy with the style you’re representing?

If you didn’t have any limits in budget what would you change about your wardrobe & style?

In what was do you feel your budget is a restriction to your personal style.

Is your self confidence holding you back in wearing what you want?

Your wardrobe

Was getting dressed easy?

Did you wear most of your capsule?

Did you reach for items that weren’t in you capsule?

Is there enough variety in your closet so you can dress for different occasions?

I suggest wearing your new capsule with your old existing clothes first, but if there were too many donation items or items that you weren’t satisfied with and you needed to go shopping these questions below are for you…

Did you have to buy certain new items? Did you go for quality items or many lower quality items of a mix of the two?

How did you go about shopping for new stuff early in the capsule experiment. Did you feel you made good buying decisions ? How did you go about it?


I suggest going about your capsule alone. If you include a good friends chances are you will be influenced by them….

Are your friendships a big influence on your clothes?

Do you dress differently based on your emotions?

Why do you want to spend time on your style?

Are you confident enough to dress the way you want to? If the answer is yes, great. If the answer is no, what is holding you back ?

That’s it for now. The blogpost on capsule wardrobing step 3 will follow soon.

If you have questions about anything, I’m glad to help you out.

Love, Love,