Capsule wardrobing step five : It’s all in the mix and match

Capsule wardrobing part 5/ It’s all in the mix and match

In the end, building a capsule wardrobe is like building anything in life, you need fundaments. In this case, we’re talking about (one) the basics, the white tee, the jeans, the chambray shirt…

Then to add a little flair and to define who you are, you’ll need (two) key pieces that are versatile and you can wear in many ways and with almost anything like a leather jacket or a high waisted black jeans.

And to top it all off add some (three) bold statement pieces, like cool shoes or a piece of chunky jewelry.

What counts as a statement, key piece or basic is completely up to you and your style. If you have a pretty toned down style, then a striped blazer may count as a statement piece while for others this will rather be a basic or a key piece.

Budget wise, it’s better to invest in high quality clothes in all the three categories, but if you’re on a budget I would opt for key pieces and basics first. I find that basics are as important as the structured key pieces that define your unique style. The basics are the fundaments and layers of your outfit and the chances are that you’ll wear them even more than anything else in your wardrobe.

If you don’t have a big budget, build your wardrobe slowly. No one says you have to get your seasonal capsule right immediately. Take a season or two three to really get it right, meanwhile work with what you think is still ok, but not perfect.

Statement pieces are often trendy pieces, so if you don’t have much money left to spend on them, that’s totally fine.

So after completing the first 4 steps of capsuling, it’s important to get to get your basics right. An important question to ask here is: “What is a basic to you, according to your style and lifestyle?”

For instance, I want my winter capsule wardrobe to have 5 long-sleeves that I can match with a chambray shirt or some knitwear. These are absolute musts for me, because I get cold easily and I like to wear a fresh long-sleeve almost every day in winter.  These are absolute basics to me and I finally got to the point that I stopped buying the ones that only lasted me one season. A black high waist jean is another basic to me. It always fits the occasion, can be dressed up or down, can be worn with a plain or  a “crazy’er” button down and it just makes me feel good even on days when I’m feeling a bit off. The basics are also the ones you will want to wear on days you’re not feeling it completely. They are your comfort zone. They fit right, the fabric is right, they are cut right and they blend with almost anything.

Then a key piece would be a leather perfecto in an original shape, maybe super fitting or asymmetrical. It will give some edge to your overall look and define it towards the style that you want it to. You could be dressed in a skinny jeans with a plain t shirt and throw over your leather perfecto and look like somebody completely different just like that.

Try to figure out what the basics are to you and what the key pieces are. Then think of putting the icing on the cake, aka the statement pieces.

Love, Maureen

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