The only bags you’ll ever really need.

I’m a bag person, but contrary to what you might assume, that doesn’t mean I own a lot of handbags.

There are only so many bags you ever really need. And the best thing always being if one handbag can actually serve different purposes. Ladies, if a bag can be used for a multitude of purposes, we have a winner on our hands.

I’ll start with my favourite bag: the straw basket bag.

1: A big size straw basket bag. This can be used to go to the supermarket, the weekly market or hold al your items you bring to the beach. The reason this is my favourite items not only because Jane Birkin totally made this simple carry all a very stylish item. This item gives me a very good feeling most of the time because the chances are that, if you see me carrying this, I’m in free time weekend or vacation modus.

2: A backpack. For long trips, walks or citytrips, this is most likely the best option. Especially if you want to have your hands free, because you have a dog, or a baby ( In this case a backpack is much handier I think than a diaper bag – which I’m not going to include in this list because not everyone reading here will have a baby on their hands). The best option here is to go for a handy slouchy sort of style tote bag that can convert into a backpack. I’m opting for slouchy, soft adaptable leather because this is also the best option to take with you in your suitcase when we can all travel again. The one below is from, and the second one is handmade, but you can easily find similar styles in vintage shops.

3: A structured tote bag or bigger size bag. A bag that can hold your laptop or A4 paper. Just a classic bag to go to your office or a meeting, that literally will fit with any outfit due to its classic style. I have to say that Michael Kors is one of the bands that do “office to on the go anywhere” quite well and I really like the price point especially if you buy Michael Kors second hand. I feel like it’s better to have a lot of money in the bag than spent on the bag. The one below is from the conscious brand Everlane.

4: A crossbody bag.

I don’t want to say structured and classic only because if you happen to have a more bohemian and loose creative vibe about you and your wardrobe, a structured bag will totally not fit in. So it’s up to your style personality. I think what I want to say is: a medium size crossbody that you can take on the go with you when you don’t want to carry around many things. Below one of my current favourites, the Chloe Tess. It has a real seventies vibe going on but still also holds a lot of structure. This is a quit expensive bag though but I’m sure that alternatives to this bag are out there. Ok, Lett me rephrase that. That is an insane amount of money to spend on a bag, and should only be justified if you make that amount times 10 in a month.

5: Something special. For the garden parties, or an evening out. A small shoulder bag or a clutch or something fun to add some detail to a special outfit. You can even have a few in this category just to have some fun. They don’t have to be pricey because you will wear these on occasion. This is the bag that you wear more like a fun accessory instead of choosing it for its functionality. Bags like that can be easily found in price categories ranging from 10 to 20 euro’s. The photo below is from modaoperandi, but I bet similar styles are out there at lower price points too.

So this is my little intermezzo on bags, forget about designer brands or it bags, just celebrate your own style and choose based upon your style and budget & don’t forget to have fun while celebrating your personal style.


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