Controversial idea: I buy food boxes to save money on food.

This idea might make you laugh since most people assume that foodboxes do cost a fair share of money. I want to refute to that idea, by giving you a few examples on how I think about and use food boxes to cater to my needs.

The biggest argument here is the huge amount of time you’d save that you can invest in more profitable time investments like your family, people you love, working on something you are passionate about, just your regular work, taking some you time or enjoying art of physical activities.

All of these activities, are in the grand scheme of things, more profitable than wasting your time waiting in line in the supermarket, asking yourself what kind of creative meal you’ll have to pull out of your sleeve again tonight. Especially if you have to take your vegan daughter, your vegetarian son, and your wife, that likes exclusive wines, into account. A foodbox just makes it easy to make a food puzzle that caters to everyone’s taste.

So you basically save gas, time, energy, everything.. that alone is worth it for a 10 euro meal per person. But. If you are really in to real money saving. There is another hack to the food box industry.

The trick is to order a foodbox for more people than your family consist of. I realise this trick works best for single or two person households, but it can easily be applied for families. If you have a 4 person family for instance. You’d order a box for 8. Make the same meal, and freeze the rest so you’d go twice or 3 times as long with the same box. You basically batch cook. Eat fresh for the first week, and eat leftovers and frozen the second week.

I personally apply this in the following manner. I order the vegetarian box for 6 people which means I have meals for 24 people. That is yes indeed, 3 weeks of food! Depending on my mood, what I want to spend or eat, I either order this box every 2 weeks, or every 3 weeks.

If I order this box every 2 weeks. This means my foodbudget is 109 /2 = 55 euro’s a week. I can’t even fill my cart at Aldi for a week with that money and eat that fresh and good. Granted, there is still, beverages, breakfast, bread, cat and dogfood I have to buy at the supermarket.

If I am being really really frugal and I apply the trick like it’s meant to. I order a food box for 6 every 3 weeks. That means 109 euro’s for 24 meals. At 4,5 a meal. Which brings my weekly food budget down to 36 euro’s.

If I think about 4,5 euro and the price of a warm meal at my dormcafeteria being 2 euro per meal, plus counting inflation, that means I ‘m still eating like I’m 20. Only the best side of this that I’m eating a variety of things, and I eat organic and fresh.

I know it’s extreme but…. You do save a heck of a lot of time, gas, money, time thinking of what to eat or what to make. The hack naturally only works If you batch cook and freeze before the ingredients go bad. You definitely need a freezer and storage boxes for this trick. Indeed, like many money saving blogs do advise when to save on food, batch cooking is the way to go.

Another huge advantage is not being seduced at the super market to buy things you don’t need. Obviously I still go to the supermarket but it’s more an in and out kind of thing as my main meals are now completely covered.

I honestly believe this is one of the easiest ways to save on food and eat a variety of fresh and mostly organic things. I’ve tried budgeting & going to Aldi. I still wasn’t able to buy for 35 euro’s for my main meals and have nice, fresh & quality ingredients.

Lett me know what you think of this genius hack and what you do to restrain yourself from buying al those gummy things. Especially at this particular moment in time, when we are bound to sit in our houses, food is one of those things we can treat ourselves with. And food is also a bit of travel as tastes and flavours daily transport you to a vacation spot or a place you’d rather be.

It very easy to distinguish luxe from needs when it comes to different areas of our lives, but not when it comes to food.

Somehow with food boxes I get the luxe feeling without having to sacrifice my budget.

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