We like THE Marc Jacobs

I’m pretty sure this rebranding came from a certain phone call, and it probably went like this. Marc Jacobs: “Marc Jacobs speaking”. Other person: “Really? THE Marc Jacobs ?”

I’m usually not a big fan of name changes. It mostly leaves me pretty confused. Especially as a frequent buyer of vintage designer items. I constantly have to force my braincells to think about the era it was made, and whether if it’s the main line, it is the spin off younger line, or something completely else like a crazy gift from a perfume line.

The only thing I’m basically not confused about is Marc Jacobs work for Louis Vuitton. In this case, the name change is a huge improvement to end confusion, and at the same time well deserved if you think of everything Jacobs has accomplished in his lifetime. THE Marc Jacobs is indeed the right name for his brand under LVMH.

Another thing I adore about the rebranding, is the straps they came out with. If you have a lot of old Marc Jacobs bags in your collection, adding a modern strap is a real game changer. It gives all your bags a fresh modern look, and who doesn’t want to rewear they beautiful designer handbags over and over again with a twist? Just presenting a marketing pitch here, Marc.

Jacobs began his design career at the high school of art and design and at Person school of design in New York, where he won the Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award, Chester Weinberg Gold Thimble Award, and Design Student of the Year in 1984.

After school he collaborated with his business partner Robert Duffy and they formed Duffy designs. In 1986 he started his own collection with the Marc Jacobs label under Onward Kashiyama USA. Inc.

In 1987 he got awarded the Perry Ellis Council of Fashion Designers of America award for new talent als the youngest designer ever. Following to this Jacobs and Duffy joined the women’s design unit of Perry Ellis as creative director and Vice President. In 1992 he got The Women’s designer of the year Award.

In 1993 Duffy and Jacobs formed their own licensing company, Marc Jacobs international and Marc designed his first menswear collection. In 1997 Jacobs became creative director of Louis Vuitton and took the brand to the next level with daring designs and collaborations with artists and designers like Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and the rest is epic fashion history. This is also the year Marc Jacobs became a part of LVMH. The line by Jacobs for Louis Vuitton is remains to this day as highly sought after by fashion minded people all over the world and definitely represents a marked moment in time.

In 2001 Marc Jacobs started his Marc by Marc line, opened store after store in the biggest fashion capitals of the world while operating at Louis Vuitton. Honest to god, he must have worked overtime to the extreme as his brand became wildly popular worldwide. In 2013 Marc Jacobs left Louis Vuitton to focus more on his own line and in 2015 The Marc by Marc Jacobs line stopped being produced because quote Mj: ” There wasn’t really anything new to add to that particular line”. The designer had tried to reinvent the line but came to the conclusion it was time for something brand new.

I don’t consider Brussels a real fashion capital in comparison to Antwerp, but I loved the Marc Jacobs store at the rue Dansaert in Brussels. I can’t describe why. I always parked the car there, I loved seeing the pieces displayed in the window and seeing what’s new, and I’m really so so sad that it’s gone along with a bunch of the other Marc Jacobs stores around the world that closed around 2017 -2018. With all this turmoil going on, Jacobs stuck to his vision continuing to create the most breathtaking runway shows, and getting rewarded for it too. Jacobs got the first MTV “Fashion Trailblazer Award” at the Video Music Awards, in partnership with the Council of fashion designers of America in 2019.

Then, the brand reinvented itself with the name THE Marc Jacobs, offering the consumer an eclectic mix of high and low at a contemporary price point. It wasn’t the aim of the brand to be a trend driven, presenting It kind of items or bags. I guess they kinda failed at this with the release of the snap shot. The brand is also very heavy on collaborations with Schott, Sofia Coppola, Charles Schultzs’ peanuts and Milton Glaser, the graphic designer behind the New York Times Magazine logo.

Marc Jacobs says he never really has had a brand statement. He likes to follow his gut.

“We just instinctively do what we like, when we want to do it,” he says. “So maybe that’s our brand statement: We like this.”

Below the leather Tote and The Director. Both very contemporary, streamlined, chique and easily combinable 😉

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