An ode to my unworn wardrobe// wintercapsule

I guess since I am wearing my cosy oversized jumper loose pants outfits day to day while at home…I kinda forgot about what REAL dressing looked like.

Temperatures dropped in Belgium this weekend and the word is that the weather Gods are gifting us snow tomorrow. Best excuse ever to bring the winter capsule wardrobe out. After all.. I’m a sucker for knitwear and oversized coats.

I added the dresses for the formality. 99 pct of the time I wear pants, a turtleneck and one of those oversized thick overshirts that are trending like crazy right now.

I walk my dog daily so the more dressed boots hardly get worn. I alter my high top black Adidas with high doc Martens. I made the mistake once to walk her in white sneakers, and well… I learned my lesson.

This is a very small wardrobe, but honest, right now I could eliminate even half of it.

So here goes, an honouring post, to our unworn clothes, and our lives at standstill.

Published by Catharina

Lover of all things natural

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