Effortless chique from home

Since the second lockdown, I have been wearing pretty much the same stuff. I like to wrap myself up in cuddly warm clothes, but also be presentable when someone ( aka mostly the delivery guy 😉 ) is at the door, or if I have to run a quick errand.

It’s Sunday, so I’ve thrown my at home style in to a little capsule.

Et voila, 99 pct of the time I’m wearing a soft bralette, no stiff bra’s for cocooning. No better time to let the boobies free! Everything else is already so restricted. LOL.

Then I mostly wear a faux leather legging or faux leather jogging pants. I don’t know what they are called. But I’ve got them second hand on vinted ( and they came new with the tag on! ) & to me that was the perfect upgrade from regular joggers. Cozy cashmere socks from veritas that I happily got pre lockdown. Ugg slippers, although I have pretty regular grandpa style ones instead of these listed here above.

A long sleeve and a grey or black cashmere jumper to finish off this look with extra warmth.

I recall spending the first lockdown in a pink ( what was I thinking ) sweater from Bonjour Ben.

But, let’s call this lockdown 2.0. We’ve gotten a bit wiser about what we’re in for, and so did our style.

Running errands? Just slip in to the sneakers and layer up with a warm coat or blazer, depending on the temperature.

Have a great sunday

Love, Maureen

Published by Catharina

Lover of all things natural

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