My July budget recap

Ooh guys, honestly I’ve been holding of the review. I’m not particularly proud of what I’ve achieved for the month of July. And also, who the hell can concentrate when it’s this hot ???

I kind of slipped up. I bought a few clothing items for winter because I freaked out that on my no buy year, I wouldn’t have enough winter clothing, that went well together. And this last part of the going together is kind of important. I haven’t been buying a lot of winter items the last years, due to my home renovations and also because, honestly, I forgot. Like last year I remember buying some long sleeves and 2 sweaters, a jumpsuit for new years eve, that I didn’t like that much ( because I bought it on a whim for the occasion) and a dress that I went on a date with. Still like the dress and all the other stuff very much. But, as you can tell, I didn’t buy very much. Neither did I buy a lot of summer wear but that’s because I kinda have a lot of summer wear. I used to sell vintage at markets ( I still do but we are in a pandemic so that side hustle is not happening right now) and a lot of what I sell is summer stuff, so there is no urgency in that department.

Winter stuff is a whole other topic. First, concerning vintage, I find it a lot harder to find good winter clothes. In general it’s harder to find nice winter clothes, I don’t know if it has to do with the whole layering thing. I feel like you certainly have to pull more thought into winter ensembles…

That being said. I feel like, even over the years I have been capsuling, I have never spent the amount I needed to spend to get a cohesive winter wardrobe. I have enough winter stuff, just not enough stuff I can easily combine. Now that I think about it. Did I ever have ( or make, or tried to make a sort of ) the budget to buy good decent winter stuff?

Fast forward to the present day. I make a pretty decent living, and I can buy winter clothes. And I did, last month. While I didn’t want to, but also everything was on sale already because of the pandemic, so that definitely helped make me decide to shop now for winter, at half prices.

But my resolution to go on a no spend year, to get my thoughts of of shopping completely backfired to be honest. Ever since I made that decision, that I definitely want to uphold, I have been wondering If I would be lacking anything in the near future during that no spend and how it would make me feel.

And so yes. I guess I did, I guess I didn’t feel like I had bought items in the past years that actually suited me. A grown up, almost 40 year old woman. I’m not gravitating towards ‘ funky- trendy -cool items ‘ as much and that is definitely okay, but my wardrobe didn’t reflect that per se.

So I shopped, before I started the no spend. How silly is that? Just because I made the promise to myself. And I still want to keep it, because I don’t want to distract myself with shopping for clothes or skincare items. I just still feel like everything has to stop and I want to think of other things, I want to read, I want to sport, I want to meditate, I want to write this blog.

I kind of tricked myself in to thinking that If I just had these few items that were missing, that I would be satisfied and had something that worked. Oh god, I hope this is not going to be a vicious cycle of thinking that I have everything now, but then again I know there will be something else that I desperately ‘ need’, and I will just have to be strong enough to resist it.

Stopping to shop is NOT easy.

Really. How did I ever think It would be? Just now. I have ordered 2 hair masks ( I don’t ever go to the hairdresser ( don’t gasp like it’s a very strange thing- I save on that, so it’s fine,) of each 15 euro’s because the one I use ( that was 45 euro’s OMG & not worth the price .. is a hair mask ever worth THAT price?? Spoiler alert.. NO) is almost empty and I wanted to avoid shipping costs. Shipping costs reduction is my eternal downfall btw.

And this shopping I did, totally falls within my rules, when I don’t have any kind of a certain product that I need ( I have thick long, dry curly hair that might look like I never treat it, but I do) I can repurchase. I just didn’t think I would be having to go online again and make choices, this soon. OMG what’s the point of a shopping ban then? Ever since budgeting, and now again with this no spend challenge, I’m painfully aware of what a human being actually needs. I might not need this hair mask in order to survive, and hello, thumbs up for saving money hairdresser wise, but come on…We clearly need a lot of stuff .

In addition to the masks I also ordered raw coconut oil to start oil pulling again, as it is the only thing that helps my teeth from bleeding when I brush. So these are clearly necessities. The clothing wasn’t, but I really want to have a sort of interchangeable uniform this year and re-wear everything a lot, and honestly It requires a lot of basics, and a lot of neutral grey, black tones, to combine with my rather bright and playful wardrobe I have right now.

So budget wise, this is what happened:

I didn’t save. Yikes! I did earn some money from my Etsy shop and have put that towards savings but its hardly worth mentioning. I actually spend some of my savings.

And in addition to that, I saved subconsciously in the food department. That is not where I want to save! I mean I know I subconsciously did this to make up for over spending in the clothing department…but we are in a pandemic, I’m already not going out to eat, hardly going out for a drink.

And that’s it. So It was not my intention at all to save on food. I definitely know where my money went. It went to basic grey and black knitted sweaters and cardigans, and a black winter coat, also something I did not have. I have a good nice winter coat of course, but the truth is , you do need something neutral as your outerwear if you want to make the most of the clothes that you have. And I don’t know why I’m even thinking of this when it is literally 100 degrees out.

Oh well enough with the excuses. I overspend in the clothing department. Last month I overspend in the beauty department. I see this as a catching up phase , since I truly was lacking so many things because I just hadn’t restocked during my years of renovating the house. I don’t have to tell you what living in builders dust for years does to your skin. So even though our main bathroom still has to be totally renovated, I am enjoying my dust free morning an evening skincare routines, and that also counts for something…

Below my spending chart of the month of Juli.

Thank you so much for reading guys!



Ps: What do you guys think. Did I actually save money by buying winter items now, on sale, that I would have bought later? Or was it just not oké for me to buy a load of stuff just before the start of my no buy. Your honest opinion is appreciated 🙂

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