Food Hacks that aren’t only environmental friendly but will also save you money

Hey’a friends,

Today I wanted to share some of my hacks to not only save the environment but also save you a heap of money.

First of all, I would like to say… the first and foremost reason I do these things is because I really like to do them. I’m a bit of a goofy nerd in that way. So here goes.

Ditch the bottled water

For my sparkling water, I use a soda stream. At one point, I just got fed up by all the amount of waste I was creating in my garage and I was tired of carrying water bottles every week. All of that didn’t make any sense to me anymore. So I bought a Sodastream. I don’t like sugared drinks, so I use it solely for when I like to make a nice sparkly flavoured virgin cocktail, or am in the mood for sparkling water.

Latte’s at home

Next to that, it’s cliché, I know, but I do make my own coffee at home, tea, special blend latte’s, and I drink water from the tab.

Growing your own food

I also try to reduce waste by growing my own food in my own garden and freezing what I don’t use up, so I can savour the flavour of fresh grown foods until autumn. I love making delicious dishes, without having to buy too much veggies or herbs at the supermarket. Apart from the covid situation we are all experiencing right now, I never was a big fan of supermarkets. Too big, too many people, too much choice, standing in line too long. I like local shops and farmers markets. Which I find there are way too little of where I live. I already have to go into Brussels, to find a nice one. Luckily a new one is going to open soon in the Jette community, which makes it that I can actually take my bike to go to the shop.

Btw, did you know you can also freeze your fresh herbs?

Producing my own compost is another way to save me money. I just throw my biodegradable leftovers on a heap in the corner of my garden. But most people like a nice and neat compost bin.

Reducing waste is a great money saver as you have to buy less garbage bags aka plastic, again! They ‘re also very expensive here in Belgium ( 20 euro’s for 10 bags).

There is so much you can recycle by letting it rot in your compost to humus… almost all paper and cardboard for instance too, if you cut it into tiny little pieces.

Soil is the key ingredient to growing your veggies and fruit. It is so important. So you NEED to keep your compostable leftovers if you want to start your own vegetable garden.

If you have little to no room to grow a vegetable or herb garden you can easily grow fruit and veggies or herbs in containers. I alway buy mine ( for my terrace ) at thrift shops. It’s not easy to find the right ones. I would like to have some made out of leftover wood, but that project will have to wait a bit as we are currently still renovating our fixer upper.

These are a few of my good practices when it comes to waste reduce and saving money.

If you also have great tips on this, please share!



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