step 4 of capsule wardrobing

Step 4 of capsuling. Drawing a chart before acting out on your style inspiration…


You first want to know what the activities are that you spend your time on day to day.

It makes no sense to dress up fancy everyday when you spend your time working at home, neither does wearing long boho dresses when you have to use your bike to commute to work.

So this is step 4.

Make an honest life chart/ pie, of your typical week. Make sure you don’t forget to write down anything you do on a weekly basis.

Based on your life and your pie/ cake eliminate everything in your style inspiration list that doesn’t fit into your life or lifestyle.

It could be that you’d want your wardrobe be something completely different than what your lifestyle and the way you spend your time dictates.

So draw out a map of all your activities. Where you work, what you do socially, what hobbies you have, the people you hang out with. The special occasions you do or do not attend. For instance, if you spend 60 pct of your time working at a corporate office, it makes no sense that 60 pct of your closet are easy clothes you wear to yoga. Your capsule should represent how you spend your time. And where you go too. If you live in London, where it rains quite often, it would make sense to have for instance 4 different rain coats. Capsule wardrobing can be about minimalism, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. It’s about having a wardrobe that works for you and buying items you’ll actually wear. If you’re happy to have only 35 items the whole year round, that’s fine too. It’s all personal. What it’s not about at all, is just buying things because they look pretty, that don’t have anything to do with your style, and just collect dust.

So. Drawing out a map of how you spend your time, that’s a must!

If you really like a specific style and it doesn’t seem to fit into your life you can always opt for a more toned down version of this. You could go for a short boho dress for instance if you use the bike daily or go for a fancy touch on your outfits that you wear working at home.

There are solutions for every style problem.

Love love,


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