Looking at my June budget

Big update. I recently switched from paper budget planners to excel and it has been pretty life changing. I have pie charts now and everything now. ( I feel legit grown up now LOL)

This is crazy! So here we go. Here is my June budget and everything after…

Here below my budget. My income and my savings went up hugely because of, and I totally hate this..one of my roommates has won with gambling. It’s not that I hate it so much that he’s gambling haha. But just, every time he wins he wants to pay me for two or three months rent in advance and this fucks up my whole budget actually. I freeze his money in my savings account until it’s needed, but it makes me look like I’m daddy Warbucks now, when I’m not.

Other than that.

  • Went to France: public transport bill went up
  • Went to France , food and groceries are taking care of by my parents so whatever I spend in transport is basically made up by a lower food and groceries budget. My mum treated me to the hairdresser. I don’t have this in my beauty budget. I only go to the hairdresser in France because it’s a girl we know and she basically colours it with Henna, and I rince it at home. At home in Brussels I wouldn’t be able to go home with the stuff on my head, I don’t think a natural hairdresser would allow it and give us this discount she does. At home my friend colours my hair with the Henna mix of the French hairdresser. So I stock up every time I’m in France.
  • Splurged on bath products, all cruelty free low waste ones -from (Cime Belgian Brand, Lush, Weleda and Naif). This was not planned. I kinda freaked out because of going way minimalist for months using only a normal soapbar. LOL. Budgeting is not Sparta. I might have splurged but eventually I saved huge in this category the previous months.
  • Splurged a bit on Ikea curtains and rails, this was long overdue. I had new windows placed last year and I had to figure something out to replace the old curtain system.
  • And yes. So saving a bit out of control thanks to my roommates sport gambling addiction. But will use these savings to add to my July and august and September budgets and this will even everything out again. Every time I hear him scream because some football team scored, I’m thinking, oh no, there goes my budget again. LOL.
  • I should keep an eye on bank costs because these seem to go under my radar every time or I forget to add them. Have to work on this.
  • Thinking of starting a no spend last of the year starting from august, for the last five months. I have only bills coming up, and I have to challenge myself. Because, I know myself, I get tempted quickly, mostly by wanting to refresh my wardrobe at the start of the season. So maybe it’s a fun challenge to do until Christmas comes up, which is about 4 months and a half, since august. That doesn’t seem too bad eh. And if I make it till there then we will see what next.
  • The general renovations budget is going to be eliminated. I have renovated for more than a year with extra budget other than the loans. This month I spend on ecological building materials to finish the attic bathroom. It’s not that much of a spend. I used to spend 400 or more here for the last year. But I’m done with it. I’ve renovated long enough, so this category under the debt category ( didn’t know where else to put it) will disappear like I’m Houdini. And frankly nothing could make me happier.
  • And yes. I definitely have to close QuickTime player in my tabs, and my Mac cleanup is also long overdue.

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