The summer vacation is here. If you are lucky to be going on a trip, here are some easy and time saving tips to pack your carry on or suitcase.

How to travel easy: packing tips & lists

I usually travel with a carry on, so I try to layer up on what I’m wearing on the plane. Next to that I try to organise my carry on the best I can.

How and what to pack in your carry-on or suitcase

I fold and organize vertically, the Kon Mari way. That way you can see better what’s in there.

I use pouches, preferably transparent ones : tech, socks and uderware, make up, all in different little pouches. They make a happy little family.

The tech stuff goes in the section of the carry on that is the easiest to open, because of the customs section where you have to take all of that stuff out.

Skin care goes in to little containers in the transparent bag. Save all your sample size products for travel. Use toothbrush cover up, that thing goes in your mouth, so keep it clean! All of these things should go in a section of the bag that is easy to open. They usually also ask you to take these out at the customs section.

Shoes can also go in a plastic bag. However, I like to put shoes in cotton tote bags, far more ecological and you’ve got your bags for dirty laundry or shopping right by your side.
Scatter your money, because you never know.  Also in Iran you have to pay in liquids everywhere and can’t get money from the cashmachines or pay by card due to the economical protectionism. So this tip is a super important one when traveling there.
Put name tags on the bags in case they get lost.

What to bring with you on the plane, especially if you fly long distance.

*Eye drops

*Throttle syrup

*A sheet mask

*Phone charger + external battery

*Empty water bottle that you can fill up once you land.

*Noise cancelling headphones, they are priceyer but worth the money.

  • IPad charged with books and movies. External charger.

*Whet  wipes and Kleenex

*Gum. Chewing gum is not only good to relieve air pressure, but it also helps reduce stress because of the brain thinking that the body/ stomach is eating, so it thinks that your body is in rest mode to eat and there is no external danger. Cool huh.


*Different small wallets with money to scatter around your backpack, vest, pocket of your jeans.


*Medecine and vitamins

*A transparent pouch with touch-up make up for when you land.

I hope this list can be of some help when packing. Please tell me if I forgot something, as I like well rounded things and tasks. I  like love to complete my go to list. No pressure.

Love, Maureen

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