Capsule wardrobing: step one.

Capsule wardrobing/ STEP ONE

The first thing you need to do, and I’m sure this is not NEWS to you, is: Detox your closet.

By that I mean, don’t make radical decisions just yet. But reducing your options just a tad does help. You can do this by eliminating clothes that are worn out, need to be altered or fixed, are not in season right now. If you are going for one year round capsule wardrobe, it will still help to break down your closet in to the 4 seasons first. It will make decision making processes a lot easier.

So yes, very predictable but it’s DETOX time, and there for, this little cheat sheet..

detox cheat

After you’ve done this it’s time to take out your items FOR THE SEASON YOU FIND YOURSELF IN RIGHT NOW!  Everything that is not for this season goes in storage.


Then the last step of this round:

Photograph all the clothes for the season you want to build your capsule for while you’re wearing them. This will give you a lot of insight on how colors look on you, how clothes look on your body and what works for your body type.

Notice the feeling you get while looking at these photo’s. Is this how you want to represent yourself? Is this the style you want? What works for you and what doesn’t work for you?  Then just go with what you have and let it sink in for a while. Don’t make radical decisions just yet. Try to get dressed with what you have and be creative with it.

If there are any clothes you don’t feel comfortable with, throw them into the donation pile and work with what you have for a week or two while you’re in your natural habitat. Aka sports, hobbies, home and your work situation. Write down what works & what are more frustrating points.

This process will tell you what you lack in your closet and what you have plenty of.

Also, try to notice items that are repeated but in different shapes or forms. For instance breton striped shirts in many different shapes or colors. Why is that? This is probably your comfort zone is all about.

When you have worked with your unfinished capsule for two weeks you will get a gigantic amount of information on your style and wardrobe. This means that you will be ready for step two in the capsule building process.

Good luck!

Love love,



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