It’s almost, like… legit, summer you guys! Here are my quick tips to build your summer capsule wardrobe. If you might be a bit late this time around… Just like me.

It’s almost summer, so let’s get capsule wardrobing! I love capsule wardrobing. I find that it is such a good tool to have oversight over your wardrobe. I makes it easier to define your style because items that never get worn pop out immediately. Because you own lesser clothes, you can actually invest in items of quality and make more sustainable choices. You tend to buy less, so it also saves you money. Since you are here and you are reading this post I don’t think I still have to convince you to get in to capsule wardrobing. So here are my eight quick tips to start your summer capsule wardrobe with.

  1. Define your style. Really, put a label on it. It will help you pick the best of many choices. For instance, I had to pick one out of 3 white blouses. Because I named my style ( quirky, playful, feminine ) It was so much easier to pick one out of three items in the same category.
  2. Always choose the best quality item.
  3. Make as many sets and outfits as you can. If you want to build a good capsule wardrobe, you have to select pieces that work well together so that you can make the most combinations as you can.
  4. Make sure you wardrobe works has a whole. There for you have to know your style, but also which colours work with your skin tone.
  5. Layer, layering is key if you are working with a small wardrobe.
  6. Give a shout out to one toned outfits. If you’re going to get classy, this is the short cut to doing that.
  7. If you are unsure, take photo’s. This was my first assignment in style school. I had to take pictures of every outfit I owned. Which was a lot of work, but payed of later as I could easily eliminate what did not work for me. I kept the photos of what did work as a portfolio in my phone and opened them If I did not know what to wear. Until this day I still take pics when I’m unsure of something in my closet or something I want to buy.
  8. Down-time capsules are equally important. It makes no sense to have a nice day time/ work capsule and having to look in every corner and under the bed so to speak for a nice down time legging ,nice night dress or good sporty outfit. Our down time at home is equally or maybe even more important these days ( written in corona time ) than our outside lives. So equally invest in a good year- round downtime capsule wardrobe.
  9. If you have a bit more time to work around your summer capsule wardrobe, click this link….

Love love,


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