Saving on your food budget

Despite the fact that many of us are going to the supermarket with a grocery list. We mostly still return with more stuff that we had planned on to.

This is because food is such an essential expense and basic need in order to survive. It’s impossible to, unlike other categories like clothing or entertainment, to eliminate or avoid this category completely.

Of course, everyone also knows that supermarkets have clever systems to make us buy more than we actually need.

Meat and fish, aka the more expensive products that many people need, are placed in the middle of the supermarket, in companionship of other equally expensive products. This is to make sure that you spend a lot of time in the middle section of the supermarket and making sure you have to walk by the majority of products you might not need.

If there are dim lights in your supermarket and music, that’s also a tactic to make you stick around longer.

The products that every one needs are to be found on eye level, as well as the pricier brands in that category. Lower in the racks you’ll be more likely to find the budget options.

The better smelling products like bread or fresh fruit are mostly placed at the entrance of the supermarket, cleverly designed to lure you in but also to make sure that your pace of walking trough the supermarket slows down.

This is exactly the reason so many supermarkets offer free snacks or tasty appetisers. It’s not only to make you buy the product they’re displaying. It’s also a clever way to make you slow down and look at all the other products that are offered in that spot.

Pre-cut veggies and meals are also something that can be found at eye sight. These products are much pricier than their uncut friends and will provide a bigger return for the shop owner.

The brandname of the shop will also be easily found at eyesight. After all, selling products in their own name will remain the most profitable for the shop itself.

Cookies, salt, sweets and cold beverages will be displayed again at the checkout, for you to have something to do, or to shop, while you wait in line.

So if you are like me, and still struggle to keep your food budget down…

Here are some good tips to keep your foodbudget, that can go a long way…

Love love,


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