Extreme and crazy things I do to save money

Because every little bit counts and little bits can lead to great things, here is my list of ten extreme things I do to save money.

I use reusable make up pads to take off my make-up. When they are dirty, I just collect them in a separate tiny laundry bag and throw them in the washing machine with the rest of the dirty clothes.

I wanted to change my toiletpaper for cloths too, and throw them in a wet diaper bag until washing time, but I share my house with roommates aka also the toilets, and they did not agree lol.

I save money by using the Hello Fresh service for food. This works in a number of ways, but only if you order the family box of at least 3 and get creative. I will write a separate post on this

I use my leftover coffee grinds to make my own body scrub. Exfoliator is about the only beauty product I don’t buy in the store.

I sing in the shower, to one song only, when the song is done. I turn off the water.

I only use a black Aleppo soap bar in the shower. It’s natural, it looks good, and I like to rub my body with a very hard loofa and the soap so that I get the at home Turkish or Moroccan spa feeling.

I grow my own vegetables, with helps to bring my food budget down. In this category, I also reuse my organic food waste in a compost to be reused when the planting season restarts. Not only does it save me money on buying the compost from a garden center, it saves me money buying expensive garbage bags. ( In Flanders these bags cost 2 euro per bag ).

As mentioned before, I share my house with 2 roommates.

I don’t go to a fancy gym but follow YouTube workouts in my living room daily. This also eliminates the friction of going out side, changing, taking your vehicle to go somewhere. Other than that I go on dog walks twice a day.

I limit my car use to a minimum.

I don’t use a dryer for my clothes and sheets. I hang them outside. I try to limit washing but rather air clothes out or pray them with a self made lavender spray to freshen them up.

I do my own nails and hair.

Last but not least, I try to buy things that work for me instead of me working for them. I buy products that give you way more for your buck. For instance; I will buy a big freezer on sale because in the long run it will help me keep my food budget down. I buy led lightbulbs because it will keep my electricity bill down. I often buy second hand or vintage clothes. I’m a vintage seller so if ever I find myself not wearing a certain item, I will simply resell it. I will buy a Sodastream because I want to reduce plastic and save money on sparkling water. Or I will buy an eye palette on sale that is actually very worth it’s money because several colours are super high quality and various of them can also be used as an eyeliner, highlighter, contouring or setting powder. So you’re actually buying one simple product that you can use in more than 4 ways.

This is a part my crazy list, what are your money saving hacks ? I’d love to know and try them!

Love, Maureen

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Lover of all things natural

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