A very important resolution to gaining controle on your life is…

Yes. You’ve guessed it.. controlling your finances.

There are plenty of steps to managing your life and having a grip on your time. I think. No, I’m sure, the first is budgeting. Without a budget you are totally in the danger zone. The reason I know this, is because I’m in it. I don’t think I was ever forced to take back controle of my finances in such an immense way, as at this very moment. In 2019 a renovation gone totally wrong, that forced me to spend big chunks of of my monthly income on restoring mistakes month after month has led up to this. This chaos is still following me around in this new year and I hate it. Although not life destroying, I want to figure out a way to shed myself of a part of this debt before the due dates. I don’t want to carry around this amount of debt for the next five years.


The first steps that I’ve taken are:

  1. Writing down everything I’ve spent in January.
  2. Downloading the app 1 money, which breaks all your spending down in categories, so you can track where you spend the most and where you can save.
  3. Checking my bankstatements daily. I’m now painfully aware of the multitude of insurances I have. And ashamed that I couldn’t even asign what they were for. I’m guessing if I want to make more money I should actually get a job in that field, and hate it.
  4. Listing all my unexpected expenses for the coming months. Yes, I call a car tax an unexpected expense, even when it’s renewed yearly. It’s due in February and it totally caught me off guard. I was -am that much in limbo. And also thank you for fucking with my birthday month Belgian government..
  5. I calculated and set a goal with what I have to save each month to pay off one loan by september. I feel like it’s something I can achieve, but it’s not going to be fun.
  6. I decided to write about my finances on this blog, because controlling your finances is a very important stap to approaching things more mindfully. And because I’ve written them down here, I am more likely to keep this not so fun resolution. I just read Marie Forleo’s book – ” Everything is Figureoutable ” and in one of the chapters I read that when you write down goals, you are 45 pct more likely to make it to that goal. Just by writing it down! Crazy, I know! I know the outcome of this challenge is going to be super rewarding, so I just have to keep that in mind whenever I go shopping for food or other things. I need to be able to force myself to go to choose the most profitable option, with this goal in mind.

Do you budget? If so please share your tips and tricks, because this newbie needs to know.

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