Visiting the region of the Gironde in France

A few times a year I visit the Gironde region in France, as my parents live in St-Thomas de Conac, a beautiful small own with about 550 inhabitants. Although we do not descend from royalty, their house and the Charentaise vacation house, typical for that region, is situated right in front of the old fortress of Saint-Thomas-de-Conac.


From the other side of the house, you can see the Gironde in all it’s splendour.
Staying in this breathtaking natural region amidst the natural inhabitants of this region like the many storks, and the does, is a truly unique experience.

les enfants dans le potager de la Demeure 051

The many vineyards, and Chateaux are proof that the Girondins have cultivated a taste for the good things in life. The commerce in this region is thriving as the sophistication of commercial centre Bordeaux, and the epicentre of wine cultivation, St-Emilion, contrasts with the region’s bustling markets towns and villages where a wealth of local traditions continue to thrive. The list of places and things to see in this vast region, is almost endless, but first….

A  quick look into the Chartaise vacation house


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