Union St-Gilloise’s clubhouse in Ostend. De Crayon

The picture above is actually from the Parvis of St-Gilles. The iconic square in St-Gilles, Brussels. But this post is actually about Ostend, where the football team Union St-Gilloise has a clubhouse. You know, typically Belgian, the world upside down. Just in case reading these post got a tad too easy for you…

If you fancy good music and football. There is only one pub for you. Unofficial clubhouse from Brussels football club Union Saint-Gilloise  named De Crayon.

As Ostend is the favourite city at sea for “Brusseleirs” as they are called in street slang, there is a constant cross-feritilzation between these cities.

De Crayon is just a cozy -brown typical café near the sea for people who like to avoid the crowds in the typical party street of Ostend: De Langestraat.


Address: Kadzandstraat 10, 8400 Oostende

Open:  every day from 15hr till 23hr

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