Creative hub in the outskirts of Brussels, De Kruitfabriek

The street art is by Dzia, the rest is for you to see..

This creative warehouse in Vilvoorde used to be the storehouse of ‘the Société Belge des Explosifs Favier’ for ammunition after the fist world war. It was the idea to reform them to explosives. Therefor the name : De Kruitfabriek.  Saturday 31 may 1919 a fire caused the whole plant to explode with enormous damage for the whole surrounding and many deadly victims.

Vilvoorde became during the interbellum one of the most important economic regions of  flemish-Brabant with the establishment of cokes plants, leather ateliers, and other businesses.During the recession in the seventies the industry in Vilvoorde took a downfall. In the industrial suburb Broek at the canal, many people lost their job.

In the nineties flemish production house Woestijnvis made it’s home in De Kruitfabriek.

About six years ago the city of Vilvoorde decided to invest in the pand and by that the whole broek area. The idea grew to make the warehouse into a creative hub.


Garden with edible flowers


Mad Tiger Bar


Yoga studio/ Studio World Tree


Art fairs, brunches, after work parties, barbecues, performances, vintage markets, yoga to aerobics and a bike repair shop. It’s seems that there is somewhat to do for everybody. The party never stops at De Kruitfabriek. 

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