Visiting Bordeaux during the Christmas holidays.


Bordeaux is a great city to visit during the Christmas holidays. It’s not as crowded as Paris and it’s a lot smaller but still hold a lot of parks, a beautiful bridge and long quays for long walks and catching breaths. Discovering doesn’t take long and the city quickly starts to feel like an old friend. During the Christmas holidays the city lights up thanks to beautiful and bright lights and Christmas decoration. Come with me & get cozy in this delightful city…

When I was visiting the city I stayed at Chez Dupont. They host a beautiful suite right in front of Notre Dame cathedral. The suite is equipped with everything you need included a washing machine, if you’d like to stay a bit longer in Bordeaux. Around the cathedral you’l find numerous antique shops and behind the cathedral there is a little square with loads of little restaurants and wine bars.

Suite Kergomard at Chez Dupont

kergo 2
kergo 3

When you’re not dining there out of convenience, I’d suggest Miles or Garopapilles.

When we were there we visited the retrospective about Colombian painter Beatriz Gonzales in the Museum of contemporary art. They always have super interesting expositions throughout the whole year.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Bordeaux.


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