How to dress well on a budget. Preparing for autumn…

“When in doubt, wear red.” —Bill Blass

Since there are much nicer things to do than buy clothes that don’t last, or are way to expensive and that you won’t use anyway. I made a list that you can use as a guide when you are adding those autumn pieces to your all- year- round wardrobe. I added some tips to cut down on expenses too. Little things that you may not have thought of but are of great importance. Lett’s dive in!

  •  Go for simple & clean designs. These are not per se the most classical styles. There are some edgy cuts too, that give and item a whole creative look. Here by I mean knowing the difference between something that is just a trend, and something that will last. Do some research on what works for your body type too. No use in buying square shoulder kind of things when you have broad shoulders already. Search for things that put emphasis on your strong points. More on that later though…
  • Go for solid colours and prints. These are the ones you just won’t get tired of. If you haven’t got the money to splurge on a tiger print that will be out of style in 2 years, don’t.
  • Layer and combine. I like layering because it means you get far more wear out of pieces you would only wear for one or two seasons otherwise.
  • Looser fit. This looks better than too snugg. It’s chique and it makes you look slimmer too.
  • Spend more on basics. This needs no explanation. If you’re going to wear something the whole year around or grab the same thing over and over in winter, like let’s say a long sleeve, then invest in them.
  • Stick to your color palette and style; More on this later, as it does require some research and knowledge.
  • Make textures vary. Layering same colours but different textures create an interesting combination. It creates an instantly chique look.
  • Make sure your clothes look impeccable. No stains, no hairs, well ironed.
  • Buy vintage. This is the main budget solution. Attainable for everyone but it requires some patience and time to find the items that are just right for you.
  • Clothes without many details or prints work the best if you want to create a wardrobe that you can wear year after year.
  • Learn to customise. Or if you don’t have the time, search a good tailor.
  • Flea markets. These are in the same category as buying vintage. Look out for unremovable stains or holes.
  • Accessorise. Accessorising makes any outfit look a bit different.
  • A Structured handbag. If you have to invest in something, invest in this.
  • Hair and beauty is important and is the fundament of a good look. Not the cherry, that’s for the accessories.
  • Sunglasses and glasses. They instantly elevate your outfit. Like the bag, if you have to invest, invest in a good pair of glasses
  • Change buttons,  have some minor alterations done. Buttons can change the garment a lot. Cheap plastic buttons make an item feel cheap. Beautiful buttons make an item feel expensive and classy.
  • Heels. A good pair of heels can make an outfit go from day to night.
  • Check the fabric.  Cheap fabric is a definitely a no!
  • Denim is the most easy thing to alter since these days it’s all about cuts, ankle cuts and fringes. Hence, very easy to do yourself.
  • Wear something over or under something.
  • And wear something over that. Layering is the easiest way to uplift and outfit any time.

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