How to raid your boyfriend’s closet

“Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” —Kenzo Takada

Or shop in the mens department for that matter!

Chances are, you’ve already gone through your boyfriend or your male friend’s closet, wondering how to style certain things aka “make them look slightly interesting’. Since oversize is everything and more at the moment and gender equality is the trending topic nowadays. There couldn’t be a better time to show how you feel through your outfits.

A few simple guidelines to do it right:

1) Combine everything oversized with something that adds a feminine touch, like a good bag and nice heels.

2) Belts make waist we’re there aren’t any.

3) Do check the mens department of vintage shops.

4) Since mens clothes are tailored more straight and clean cut, around the shoulders for instance, so make sure to combine with something more feminine like a floral skirt combined with a khaki mens shirt.

5) Go from a hoodie or a t-shirt to a dress in no time, or from saggy shorts to knee lenght shorts.

6) Jackets can never be too oversized but do combine the sloughy look with tight thick leggings or a cute mini skirt for instance.

7)When shopping in the men’s department you also need to consider about the same things you consider when shopping womens clothes : Does it even match my style? 2) Does it work with my body type? Is it my color. How will I combine this? Can I use this during multiple seasons is an optional question if you’re in to minimalism.

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